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Thu Mar 28 10:00:40 UTC 2019

attended four events in Trieste, Torino, Bologna and Milano.

During the four days, Stefano Maffulli gave a speech about the
activity of the FSFE and future perspectives of Free Software in
Italy, Alessandro Rubini spoke about "Gnu General Public License Vs
Creative Commons Public License", Lele Rozza underlined the importance
of Free Software for the public administration.  More meetings will be
organized for next months.

4. Chapter Italy awarded Prof. Stefano Rodotà

During the event in Milano, the Italian Chapter of the FSFE awarded
Prof. Stefano Rodotà (head of the Italian Data Protection Authority)
the 2004 Italian "Free Software, Free society" award.  Prof. Rodotà
was awarded for his commitment in building awareness around the issue
of personal data protection and into protecting freedom in a digital

5. Other public appearances

Georg Greve gave two public speeches in December: At the University of
Lüneburg, Germany, he gave an introduction to Free Software with a
focus on the effects of Free Software on society, also introducing the
FSFE. At an event held by the University Hamburg, Germany, under the
heading of "programmers and other lawmakers" he also talked about the
current developments in the EU software patent issue and the Microsoft

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