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Thu Mar 28 10:00:40 UTC 2019

DLP key, you are right - this is easily breakable, but this is
oirrelebvant becuase such small sized PK keys have never been used
(even not by SESAME).  If you are talking about symmetric encryption:
you can't break a modern 128 bit symmetric algorithm (e.g. IDEA, CAST5, AES)
by brute force and all these algorithms have undergone a very deep
analysis.  We have a lot of knowledge about symmetric ciphers and
everyone is sure that tehre is no way to break hem.  

NSA folks will tell you, that they are cheating to decrypt messages;
this might include a lot of different techniques (e.g van Eck
radiation); but one thing is for sure: An interceptor who just gets
his hands on an encrypted message is not able to break it if the
encryption has been done properly.

Beware of snake oil,


This is not the appropriate forum to discuss this; feel free to take
this to gnupg-users at or any other crypto related ML.

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