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Thu Mar 28 10:00:40 UTC 2019

to install a server at all.

For running networks and servers, you have to know the protocols, the
services and how you intelligently structure a network. The operating
system doesn't free you from the need of that knowledge. Either the
teacher is technical or somebody else should do the work. Outsourcing
could be one possible way to cleverly do the latter.

> The school I'm talking about has about 240 computers today. - They are
> already working on getting a second class-C network. (can you imagine
> what this means for a single admin? :) )

Yes. He's got plenty to do. As long as he's not using GNU/Linux. ;)

> The FSFe can help. - The FSFE can propose such a model and tell
> everyone (e.g. existing consulters, outsourcers, and schools) about it.

We have to make all the people out there that _there_ _is_ Free
Software. Proposing such a model is the second, not the first step.

> This can also become a source of revenue for the FSFE. - To get their
> infrastructure checked and certified they have to pay for the time
> a volunteer works on it. (Maybe he can also get paid for this)

Hm. It'd be better to get the tools and the software in place.

> You just have to be creative. :)

Goes for all FSFe operations :)


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