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Thu Mar 28 10:00:40 UTC 2019

to start with linux on a server.

> In Europe, *most* schools don't have more than 20 computers. But you
> could create pools, i.e. one sysadmin for 10 schools.

That's a good idea. an education service provider would be exactly
that but that it's a commercial entity.

The school I'm talking about has about 240 computers today. - They are
already working on getting a second class-C network. (can you imagine
what this means for a single admin? :) )

> > [Application/Education Service Providing]
> Well, if you can meet the requirements of the FSF (free software),
> that'd be interesting. But I don't think that the FSFe can help with
> servers and stuff.

The FSFe can help. - The FSFE can propose such a model and tell
everyone (e.g. existing consulters, outsourcers, and schools) about it.

This can also become a source of revenue for the FSFE. - To get their
infrastructure checked and certified they have to pay for the time
a volunteer works on it. (Maybe he can also get paid for this)

You just have to be creative. :)

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