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Thu Mar 28 10:00:40 UTC 2019

might be best to keep away from overly stressing the whole Europe angle,
from the perspective of a political system, for the many reasons that have
previously been discussed on this list (people feel too strongly about

So maybe the best thing to do [read: least controversial] is simply to
pick another obsecure animal and trust that just about everybody is going
to get to know what the FSFE logo is pretty soon anyway. After all, they
accepted the GNU logo and the symbolism of that is not in the least
obvious. Or indeed one might go for a different sort of gnu. Or preferably
some creature with optional bright colours such that you can happily stick
it on a T-shirt. A puffin, for example... something geeks would want to
wear. Nice, bright, simple, easy to draw... ;-)

If you think FSFE isn't going to get sufficient media attention for people
to recognise a symbol so divorced from intuition, I question the
probability of their spending time to interpret any complex symbolism
either... if this is true, the only real possibility is to use a logo with
'FSF Europe' quite clearly written on it so recognition from memory is


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