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Thu Mar 28 10:00:40 UTC 2019

don't know on which criteria, but I think have got the message through that
the software industry will not be properly represented if there are no
representatives from the "Open Source movement".

Please check your calendars as soon as possible and contact officials
Thisbe Niméus, Ministry of Justice. Tel: + 46 8 405 21 31 mail:
thisbe.nimeus at
or me for coordination,
Erik Josefsson, erik at

kind regards

//Erik, member of SSLUG - Skåne Själland Linux User Group

from the program:

Description of the meeting

Counterfeiting and piracy constitute a large and growing problem facing
industry worldwide. An estimated five to seven per cent of total world trade
in 1999 was made up of products that were either counterfeit or pirate
copies. The costs to those possessing the rights to such products are
estimated at between 200 and 3000 million Euro a year. The European
Commission's Green Paper on Counterfeiting and Piracy from 1998 is currently
being followed up within the Union. Considering the EU's imminent
enlargement, the matter is of pressing urgency.
The conference will shed light on the problem of counterfeiting and piracy
from a broad perspective. Speakers have been invited from WTO, WIPO (World
Intellectual Property Organisation), the Commission and a number of trade
organisations. Both EU member states and candidate countries will be

The conference aims both to spark a discussion on the problem of
counterfeiting and piracy and to establish effective measures to combat such
activities in an expanding EU.

Contact: Thisbe Niméus, Ministry of Justice. Tel: + 46 8 405 21 31 


Since the number of participants is
limited, places will be allocated after
the closing day of registration. Soon
after this date you will receive a letter
telling you whether we have been able to
allocate you a place at the conference.

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