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Michael Kesper mkesper at
Thu Jul 18 07:54:59 UTC 2019

Hi Paul,

On 17.07.19 13:30, Paul Boddie wrote:
> And obviously, with everybody loading up the "modern" Web with superfluous 
> gadgetry, Firefox will gladly saturate the CPU, I/O channels and take lots of 
> RAM. Unfortunately, more lightweight browsers like NetSurf [3] are likely to 
> struggle with today's mainstream sites infused with surveillance capitalism, 
> reaching out to dozens of other sites serving their own JavaScript payloads on 
> every page load.

I run some old machines too with xfce, will try MATE too. :)
While normal sites are usable when uBlock Origin takes care of filtering out most
crap, more "active" sites (heavy use of JS/CSS) become really sluggy, though
and turn otherwise silent machines into noisy monsters because their fans will
run at full throttle.


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