recommendations for a mini laptop

Michel Roche listes.pichel at
Tue Jul 16 15:07:25 UTC 2019

I've used to be quite fan of eeePcs but in the long run they appeared to
be not powerfull enough, even for basic usage with lighweight desktops
(lxde is he limit).

Finally I prefer getting old X200 or X2[2-4]0 Thinkpads, maybe a little
bigger, slightly more expensive, but way more usable in the long run,
even on holidays. And top of all they are quite tough for travelling,
and finding spare parts is not that difficult.

So, while hey aren't totally free hardware, since it's really well
supported on linux based distros that's the type of hardware I would

Michel Roche

Le 04/07/2019 à 15:20, Erik Albers a écrit :
> On 04.07.19 12:44, Alessandro Rubini wrote:
>>> On the german list someone came up with the eeePC. This is from size exactly
>>> what I am looking for and you can get them second hand at around 50 euro.
>> I had 3. One was my laptop (with external keyboard), one was my son's
>> and the other was my wife's desktop (with external kbd/mouse.  One
>> broke and the other two are parked away since years.
> thank you for the input. You remember if you had a SSD in it? I guess this
> makes a big difference.
> Best,
>    Erik

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