recommendations for a mini laptop

Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Thu Jul 4 10:44:40 UTC 2019

> On the german list someone came up with the eeePC. This is from size exactly
> what I am looking for and you can get them second hand at around 50 euro.

I had 3. One was my laptop (with external keyboard), one was my son's
and the other was my wife's desktop (with external kbd/mouse.  One
broke and the other two are parked away since years.

The processing power is way too limited and the storage is awfully
small.  It was useable (but not exciting) when released, but newer
stuff is more resource-greedy.  At one debian upgrade I had to remove
most package beforehand, and at the next step I gave up.  My use is
pretty basic, but a local "git clone" of a kernel tree, with external
storage, took hours.

Sure you can ssh elsewhere, but I we can do that with the phone (and
an external keyboard).  Any local use, besides running mutt and
an editor, makes no sense on it nowadays. Even building firmware
for microcontrollers is waaay too slow.


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