Balance relationships with companies (Re: Who talks at conference for Free Software?)

Christian Imhorst christian.imhorst at
Tue Jul 2 13:36:10 UTC 2019

Hi Bernhard,

Am 28.06.2019 14:55 schrieb Bernhard E. Reiter:
> (Facebook, just like the companies IBM, Microsoft and Google contribute 
> quite
> significant amount code as Free Software and interact with the 
> communities.
> Applaudable even if they do bad things in other areas.)

nope, they didn't. They are contributing a significant amount of code to 
Open Source Software and take a significant  amount of Open Source 
Software to lock their users to their proprietary cloud services. The 
idea of 'free as in free speech' becomes 'free as in free beer' for 
these companies and that's the opposite of Free Software.

It's really important to remind us of the moral dimension of software 
freedom and to link this to human freedom: Free Software is primarily 
for people and not to create freedom for companies. We've got to keep 
the social dimension of Free Software in perspective. Like free speech, 
Free Software should be a fundamental right and we should fight the 
proprietary vendor lock-in of cloud providers.

Christian Imhorst

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