Voting and Free Software

Stephane Ascoet stephane.ascoet at
Tue Dec 31 10:47:27 UTC 2019

Le 10/12/2019 à 17:50, Paul Schaub a écrit :

> Tom Scott did a video about why electronic voting is (still) a bad idea:

Hi, at the end he talks very quickly about the blockchain way, witch was 
the one explored in the conference 
<> I told you before. There 
was at least two flaws, I don't remember the first one. The second one 
was the lack of knowledge about keys and computing in general in the 
average voter person.

The Cambridge museum where the video takes place seems to be very 

RMS said:
> We used to have a GNU package, GNU FREE, for holding elections.

Dear Richard, could you write more about the purpose of this (former) 

Sincerely, Stephane Ascoet

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