New version of the free software song

Bonnie Mehring bonnie at
Thu Aug 29 13:25:01 UTC 2019

Hello everybody,

at the CCC Camp last week we had great fun organizing and participating
in our "free software song sing along-session", with lots of people.
Some of them even had a guitar and we started making up new versions of
the "free software song". We had some modern as well as rock versions
and it got us the attention of the people around us. As this might be a
fun and easy way to get into contact with new people, who could be
interested in free software, it might be a good idea to have different
versions of the "free software song". What do you think?

This is the reason why we are looking for remixes of the free software
song. The remixes do not need to be anything like the original, except
for the text :) and of course they need to be licensed under a free

So if you are a musician, maybe you could write a remix for the next
event and we could promote it and sing it all together?

Best wishes and looking forward to all the creative thoughts about this!


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