REUSE 3.0 released: tutorial, FAQ, and helper tool

Carmen Bianca Bakker carmenbianca at
Thu Aug 8 10:48:57 UTC 2019

Je mer, 2019-08-07 je 16:01 +0200, Paul Boddie skribis:
> On Wednesday 7. August 2019 11.34.03 Max Mehl wrote:
> > For some more background information, please find the full announcement
> > here:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > 
> > I am looking forward to your feedback! Please consider making your
> > software projects REUSE compliant, and let us know how it worked.
> Sorry not to have looked at more than the FAQ and some of the usage documents, 
> but does the tool support generation of Debian DEP-5 copyright files? Also, 
> noting that the pip tool is suggested as a way of installing the software, are 
> there plans for the tool to be packaged in Debian?

The tool currently outputs a template of a Debian DEP-5 file when you
do `reuse init`. But the purpose of that file for REUSE is to cover the
files that are not covered by comment headers. e.g., instead of adding
headers to all files in `img/`, you add a paragraph in `.reuse/dep5`
that globs all files in `img/` under a certain license.

If you want to output a Debian DEP-5 file for use in Debian packaging,
this should be incredibly easy. `reuse spdx` outputs an (XML) SPDX
file, which details the copyright and license of each individual file.
You'd then only need to write a small conversion tool to generate the
DEP-5 file. Alternatively, it would be really easy to support such a
generator out of the box within the tool itself. It's not a priority,
but I'll happily take PRs.

There is no current plan to package for Debian, though I have desired
to get this done at some point. The problem is that I do not understand
Debian packaging in the slightest. I do maintain the Fedora package,
but it's a little out-of-date because of a missing dependency in the
0.4.X release.

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