resigning as Fellowship representative

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Thu Sep 20 17:19:57 UTC 2018

(I would kindly request that my signed resignation be forwarded
unaltered to all registered fellows/supporters not on the mailing lists.)

Dear fellows,

Given the decline of the Fellowship and FSFE's migration of fellows into
a supporter program, I no longer feel that there is any further benefit
that a representative can offer to fellows.

With recent blogs, I've made a final effort to fulfill my obligations to
keep you informed. I hope fellows have a better understanding of who we
are and can engage directly with FSFE without a representative. Fellows
who want to remain engaged with FSFE are encouraged to work through your
local groups and coordinators as active participation is the best way to
keep an organization on track.

This resignation is not a response to any other recent events. From a
logical perspective, if the Fellowship is going to evolve out of a
situation like this, it is in the hands of local leaders and fellowship
groups, it is no longer a task for a single representative.

There are many positive experiences I've had working with people in the
FSFE community and I am also very grateful to FSFE for those instances
where I have been supported in activities for free software.

Going forward, leaving this role will also free up time and resources
for other free software projects that I am engaged in.

I'd like to thank all those of you who trusted me to represent you and
supported me in this role during such a challenging time for the Fellowship.


Daniel Pocock

FSFE Fellowship Representative

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