FSFE and censorship - not true?

Michael Kesper mkesper at schokokeks.org
Fri Sep 14 21:08:36 UTC 2018

Hi Andreas,

On 14.09.2018 17:18, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
> I have read the news about a stated censorship that is ongoing in the
> mailing list. I would not be surprised if it were true that this is an
> ongoing action however that is impliciting that an action is to be
> taken by the responsible moderators of this mailing list to somewhat
> fast strip the abusing moderators their rights to moderate any further.
> The sole reason for moderation is to calm a discussion down and the
> abuse of moderation will be to kill a discussion off.
> This is a wake up call for moderators on discussion at lists.fsfe.org and
> their responsibility is to leave these people out of moderation
> privileges right away.
> It is certainly not OK with me.

The job of moderators is letting useful discussions happen but not
hatespeech and accusations without any substance.
Please do not believe _everything_ you read on the internet.
For fact checking please all people have a look at the minutiae of the
general assemblies and speak to other people.

Best wishes

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