Microsoft to warn users not to install a different browser

Stephane Ascoet stephane.ascoet at
Thu Sep 13 08:08:12 UTC 2018

Le 12/09/2018 à 16:05, Bjoern Schiessle a écrit :
> Now, 9 years later I read "Microsoft to ‘warn’ Windows 10 users
> not to install Chrome or Firefox"[2]. So 9 years later the dialog is
> back again, but it does the complete opposite this time. It warns user
> to install anything else beside Microsoft Edge.

Hi, I don't understand why this is showed as a test. In the university I 
works in, since we deploy window$ 10(for around a year I would guess), 
this message has always been there. We've got scheduled tasks installing 
some free tools in background on all computers(we use "Fusion 
Inventory"), including Mozilla Firefox. At the first launch(on each 
single one user session), it asks if we want it to be the default 
browser(I don't remember if there was this problem with window$ Seven). 
When we choose "yes", here comes the first change from previous window$ 
OSses: the change can't be made directly. There's a sort of protection 
in the OS preventing it and redirecting the request to a "default 
software manager". This last one take a little time to launch, sometimes 
stay in the background, it's not very user-friendly. When we look at it, 
there's a list of software roles like "media player", "map browser", 
"Mail manager", "Web browser" and so on. Let's say it's a sort of 
graphical equivalent to GNU/Linux alternatives system. And so here the 
user can choose to change the application linked to each category, 
opening drop-down menus regarding each one of these. As far as I am 
concerned, the tool doesn't complain when we change any of these 
software selections, except... the Web browser. When we choose another 
one than Edge(I don't know what happens if we choose IE, didn't tested 
or do not remember!), the a window saying something like "Edge is a new 
great Web browser, fast and reliable. Are you sure to want to replace 
it?" appears and we have a big button "No, keep it as my default 
browser". Theres a little text, like a Web link, saying "Yes I'm sure".
Well I won't again complain here about the fact that I'm completely sure 
we lost the free software battle, but if you read some of my previous 
mails here, you know how much I'm pessimistic regarding the future of 
our Earth and its inhabitants.
Sincerely, Stephane Ascoet

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