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> Perhaps Mr K. is smarter than Mr Trump. Trump reacts to any provocation,
> Mr K. does not.

I seriously doubt that. He has been called to give explanation, he wasn't
accused of anything. Perhaps you missed where l called him to give his
feedback or perhaps that part is not in interest of yours Daniel A.?

Sometimes it is easy to respond to the same repeated allegations and feed
> the troll. I am not calling anyone a troll here, but there are such cases
> in fights.

Pls go back and read my email, l am curious to see where l made any
allegations. If you don't find any then l expect an apology from you.

> ---
> Then maybe it is time for you to step aside if I may? Change of total or
> partial of the current staff that are incompatible with the status quo of
> FSFE and enroll mixed staff (not only people from Germany or Berliners).
> Change of approach in relation to those who supports FSFE
> and are not active within the internal structure of the organization.
> ---
> So if all the co-workers step down and all the GA members who are
> dissatisfied with Daniel, who is left? And if you have a room full of
> people, a new person enters and most people in the room are dissatisfied
> with that new person, does it make sense to ask the majority to leave?

Who is talking about Daniel here?

I think you totally got it wrong. I do speak by myself and myself only.

Pls do a proper reading about the discussion and then we can maybe talk
because you are very confused from what l read.

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