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Buongiorno a te Bernhard,

On Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 8:19 AM Bernhard E. Reiter <bernhard at>

> Buongiorno Stefan,
> Am Dienstag 11 September 2018 21:36:49 schrieb Stefan Uygur:
> > On Tue, Sep 11, 2018 at 8:08 PM Bernhard E. Reiter <bernhard at>
> > Exactly Bernhard, for your point of view. As from my point of view
> putting
> > someone's name in the subject indicates nothing but an
> > instigation/provocation or calling for war.
> then I hereby apologise to Daniel and those who interpreted it this way!
> As it was not meant to be provocative. (My aim was to be clear as respect
> towards all readers, this is why I am changing the subject often if I
> believe
> the main topic has shifted.)

Apology accepted!

> Given that there has been offensive language against individuals on this
> list and that some points haven raised before, I can understand that many
> do
> not feel comfortable exposing themselfs. I am respecting their choice.

Right, lets use appropriate tone here, offensive language. but, implicating
conspiracy theories, doing research on people and making nonsense
assumptions is something far beyond offense Bernhard. Isn't this the main
reason that triggered offensive language? I speak for myself of course.
Think well before you rely to this pls.

> > So let me ask you this question again. Given the incompatibility what are
> > the amendments and actions that FSFE staff is prepared to take from
> > practical point of view?
> To clarify: I do not speak for the staff nor
> for the executive leadership of FSFE.

I see contradiction here. I am afraid several times I called you to not
speak on behalf of others, especially on behalf of Matthias Kirchner but
you were persistent there and you still indicate otherwise in this email?

And btw, still no single words from your man Matthias K. If the call we
made was direct to Donal Trump he'd have given his feedback while ago I
bet. What is wrong with this organization and the people who represents it?

> b) and c) is a regular activity of FSFE staff, executive leadership
> and volunteers. It may or may not turn out issues are bigger this time.

I persistently ask myself why think the exact opposite of this statement of
yours.....referring to last couple of years of course and not 17yrs....

> Somehow working with Daniel
> turned out to be non-constructive and after trying to moderate and clarify
> missunderstandings in this case I meanwhile unfortunately see no other
> choice
> as to end the working relationship with him. I believe this is for the
> better
> of everyone.

Then maybe it is time for you to step aside if I may?

> I am quite sure that many people and supporters holding similiar opinions
> are able to voice themselfs differently and I am looking forward working
> with
> all of you!

Yes and here I am to ask for change starting from the structure of FSFE.
Change of total or partial of the current staff that are incompatible with
the status quo of FSFE and enroll mixed staff (not only people from Germany
or Berliners). Change of approach in relation to those who supports FSFE
and are not active within the internal structure of the organization.  If
FSFE loose the support of the community (the supporters) it will loose
itself. The power of organizations like FSFE comes from the community and
therefore the same power has to be given back to the same if you know what
I mean.

Everyone can speak up for themselves and no one should speak on behalf of
others where they specifically called into discussion/action.

As I mentioned in other circumstances, I have no political ambitions here
and just acting as supervising entity to make sure the theory matches the
practical side.

I am happy to sit and discuss whatever you people like but pls be
consistent with your position.

Many thanks

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