to git or not to git

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On Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 2:25 AM Bernhard E. Reiter <bernhard at>

> The argument is about how to counter the network-effect that will makes it
> easier and easier for a leading provider to get more ahead of others.
> And it is about what is a more sustainable choice.

One thing that I really appreciated OpenStack for is not succumbing to that
network effect. Gerrit+cgit proved to be a superior system when it comes to
massive amounts of patches/code reviews per hour, with hundreds of
reviewers involved at any given time.

OpenStack Foundation also led the way for issue tracking and task
management by developing a new tool called Storyboard. It's a modern task,
API-first multi-project task and issue manager. You can see it in action on

Check the README
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