to git or not to git

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Sat Sep 8 13:36:08 UTC 2018

I won't cite any past message because I lost some of them during an
accidental removal of the emails on my computer, so forgive me if this
was already said by someone else.

Personally, I don't think we need to dive down into completely different
VCS software just because a VCS repository provider decided to go evil.
We can still use Git but push people to not to use GitHub, not because
of the recent Microsoft acquisition, but due to a problem we have been
facing many months before that, which is even worse than the
acquisition: non-free software being forced to the people who visit the
GitHub website, through client-side JavaScript[1].

GNU Savannah provides Git repository hosting too, and is powered by GNU
Savane, a host software that you can use on your own[2]. There is an
ongoing effort by the Peers Community to make a VCS hosting software
called Vervis[3]. Besides there is host software called Kallithea[4]
(partly maintained by the Software Freedom Conservancy, which has the
plus of already providing correctly-marked free/libre client-side
JavaScript, and also has many features to allow commits to be made from
the web browser) and there is Pagure[5] (which I don't know how good or
bad it is in terms of software freedom for the
end-user/website-visitor). All of these, as far as I know, work with Git.






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- Para uso em escritórios e trabalhos, favor enviar arquivos do padrão
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