selective censorship (aka some words from your list-admins)

Erik Albers eal at
Thu Sep 6 08:20:59 UTC 2018

Dear Daniel,

On 05.09.2018 20:25, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> One of those posts is so offensive and inaccurate that I would kindly
> request that if you are willing to censor new subscribers, 

Moderation is unlike censorship. Every message that is written in an
appropriate tone will be delivered to the list, no matter the opinion.

> you also
> censor that GA member by removing his post from the public archive.

removing posts from the archive is not possible (for me).

> I would also request that you escalate that particular post to the CARE
> team.

When anyone feels attacked on a FSFE list in a way that is against our Code of
Conduct, please contact the CARE team about it directly yourself. You do not
need me or anyone else for this process in between. You can find contact
information of the team and its individuals here:

Best regards,

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