pros for hg instead of git (was: to git or not to git)

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Thu Sep 6 08:14:07 UTC 2018

Am Mittwoch 05 September 2018 21:44:20 schrieb Alessandro Rubini:
> Having two options instead of one is always good.

Yes, this is why my post was about the effect chains if we use and support one 
tool or several ones. Because in a lot of situations others are already 
completely booked on one tool, I'm using all opportunites to use the other, 
because they come less often. Just like I am always trying to use instead of Chrome and Edge if I can.
And a GNU system instead of Windows. LineageOS-microg over Vendor 
Android/Linux. And so on. It is not a major hassle for me, I'll just keep an 
eye open for more Free Software opportunities.

But back to Mercurial SCM (aka hg from

> Today I read some (most?) documents on the project's site, and I see
> that it's very similar, 

Thanks for giving hg a look. In my experience it is a sound option
and comes with comparable power, if compared to git.

> but on the flip side it looks like interactive 
> rebases are not as easy as they are with git, and I really use them a
> lot (I write several features and test them all together, so I often
> squash my fixes in the original commit before pushing).

With due respect: Here you can see how your style of working was shaped by the 
tool. In my company (where we use hg and git) we'd already lost code because 
an interactive rebase can lead to data loss, thus breaking a mental concept
that some have of an SCM to be able to reconstruct each configuration once it 
has been checked in. Still I believe interactive rebased can be useful,
and you've probably found the extensions that allow it for hg,

e.g. see the dicussion at

> Also, I don't like much the data model (which is why, I think, changing
> the whole history is not as easy as with git).
> Thank you none the less, it was interesting reading.

Thanks for considering hg, a technically diverse "ecosystem" is much more 
resilient against all sorts of "problems". :)

Best Regards,
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