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Bernhard E. Reiter bernhard at fsfe.org
Thu Sep 6 07:57:10 UTC 2018

Hi Stefan,

Am Mittwoch 05 September 2018 19:03:46 schrieb Stefan Uygur:
> If you have had just googled, for the sake of your intelligence, 
> my name, you will have seen that that email is associated to my name.

when you wrote (on the 31th) that you
| know and have been part of communities like FSFE for the last 20+ yrs and
| represented some of them as president.

I got interested in your work and put your email address in a privacy aware 
search engine like 
(no hits which have the email address itself)

> I am the supporter of Free Software
> and the community and I promote both equally for more than 2 decades.

It is for respect that I want to understand where my communication partner is 
coming from and it helps to make communication easier.

An open question is also an opportunity to clarify, as other may get the same 
ideas, but do not try to ask it openly.

> I do pay you.

So far I have not been paid by FSFE, I held honoary positions, am a volunteer 
and a donor with my company. You'll find a link to my homepage from the blog 
in my footer.


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