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> My point is not about attacking you, but about getting back to a situation  


The point most people would get from your emails over the last weeks would be that you are an immature bully who probably doesn't have a job.  You gave us an election, you didn't like the result and for more than a year you've been cranky like this, making life hell for this poor volunteer who took on the role.  Bernhard, you have do all the things you accuse him of and a lot worse.

You burnt the relationship with FSF, trolling them for years, it pops up every now and then on this list and you can't deny it.

Burnt the FSFE Rheinland community when you shamelessly exploited the volunteers as much as you could and then shut their office.

Burnt the fellowship, dumbed us down to be supporters with our
representative caught in the crossfire.  Of course if it was a real
fellowship then the fellows would be defending him but it looks
like Daniel is the captain going down with his (fellow)ship after any
serious fellows used the lifeboats to get as far away as possible.

Half of you are playing a game pretending nothing is wrong and the other half
of the people in FSFE must be just really gullible or asleep

What a freak show

Daniel, maybe you do need to resign.  Nothing more you can do here.  After they
stopped elections, you didn't need to say anything, arrogance like that
speaks for itself!

Don't leave because Bernhard wants it but because
when you lie down with dogs, you'll get up with fleas.  Somebody like
you is above people like this.   Resigning requires courage and true leadership and that's why Matthias Kirschner can't understand.

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