to git or not to git

Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Wed Sep 5 19:44:20 UTC 2018

> Using Mercurial instead of git is also a bit like using another kernel
> instead of Linux. It seems unnecessary to use something else when you already
> have something that works, but it's useful to have working options in case
> you find yourself using a device without a Linux port but with FreeBSD
> support, for example.

True. Having two options instead of one is always good.

Today I read some (most?) documents on the project's site, and I see
that it's very similar, but on the flip side it looks like interactive
rebases are not as easy as they are with git, and I really use them a
lot (I write several features and test them all together, so I often
squash my fixes in the original commit before pushing).

Also, I don't like much the data model (which is why, I think, changing
the whole history is not as easy as with git).

Thank you none the less, it was interesting reading.


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