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Hi Matthias,

Am Mittwoch 05 September 2018 14:16:15 schrieb Matthias Hager:
> My connection with Daniel?  He is our representative, long live our
> representative 

A number of people that were previously supporter or fellows-only have to 
become into internal communication channels and the e.V. membership. 
Mirko is also an active fellowship-seat holder.

The problem with Daniel is that he seems to have an incompatible style of 
working with many people within FSFE (volunteers, staff, supporters).
Main reason seems to be that he sometimes uses personal accusations
and he keeps repeating things, even if they have been explained to him
in many ways. He also does not seem to respect that if he had tried multiple 
times to convince others about a point and did not convince a significant 
number of people, the large majority does not want to discuss a taken 
decision again and again. In addition he seems to take a change that predates 
his involvement in the e.V. and the existing of a motion that make it extra 
clear that he can continue to be active in the e.V. personally. It wasn't 
personal, as many explained to him.

> Looks like you are trying to whip up another excuse to send 
> our rep back to us 
> and evade answering serious questions 

In the last week I took an extra effort to explain the situation, which 
included answering many questions, some even multiple times.
Which questions do you want me or FSFE to answer in addition?

> funny FSFE accusing people of trolling and identity abuse, maybe the whole
> organization should be disbanded, the FSFE raison d'etre could  be trolling
> the FSF? 

The FSFE consist of multiple persons, which hold a variety of opinions.
The criticism coming from me was about aggressive phrasing and explicit or 
implicit accusations that I believe we must be intolerant to as a group.
According to who writes what: I wanted to have an open statement for 
clarification, because there were some initial signs. I did appologize
for my writings that came with a great potential for missunderstandings.

To becoming involved with FSFE is to help forming opinions, meet with other 
Free Software people and help promoting Free Software.
(That are two major points from

Best Regards,
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