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Hi Andreas,

Am Mittwoch 05 September 2018 08:59:54 schrieb Bernhard E. Reiter:
> While we are at speaking as oneselfs:
> Another example I'd find un-acceptable is astro-turfing or using
> sockpuppets to make it appear like an opinion is carried by many people.

My message could have been missinterpreted as it was in reply to your email.
So just to clarify: it was meant as a general question, while discussing
what is supposed to be acceptable on this list. 

I am not aware of any astro-turfing or sockpuppets on this list.

== Details
As always I've put some email addresses in a search engine if people refer to 
their experience to better understand what they mean, as a number of people 
run a blog or are involved in other organisations. The background is that 
some spam and chatbots are getting more and more sofisticated and if a 
message is phrased very generally or very provocative it does not makes sense 
to respond to the questions. It just unlikely that an email address is used 
the first in public only on this list.
I've asked Daniel about two email addresses, because I found the exchange with 
the quoted HTML email and him strange and hope to clear up unwritten 
suspicions some may have.

Best Regards,

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