Constructive measures to help people communicate freely

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Mon Mar 26 21:30:31 UTC 2018

On 26/03/18 22:40, Paul Boddie wrote:
> On Monday 26. March 2018 20.16.03 Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> That is not a good summary of who the plugin is for or how it will help
>> them
> Sorry to misrepresent it, but it has previously been framed as "breaking bad 
> habits", which is a little different from helping people comply with 
> organisational policy.

You wrote "telling people that they are bad", but I only said the habits
are bad, not the people.

If I say a habit is bad, I am not saying the person is bad.  Everybody
has some bad habits but that doesn't mean everybody is bad.

> [...]
>> We also need to go beyond technology: remind people that they don't need
>> any of these things (whether proprietary or free) to live their lives.
>> The human race evolved for millions of years without smartphone apps.
> True enough. I don't even have a smartphone. And when I inevitably get one, I 
> imagine that I will only use it beyond traditional phone activities for things 
> like navigation: something which migrated into the phone device profile as 
> such devices became able to successfully integrate such functions.

Even dumb phones are surprisingly good at monitoring you.  The phone
number alone is a powerful mechanism for joining the dots.  SMS
"authentication" is not about security at all, it is about linking you
to all your other online accounts, credit records, online job searches, etc.

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