Constructive measures to help people communicate freely

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Mar 26 20:40:57 UTC 2018

On Monday 26. March 2018 20.16.03 Daniel Pocock wrote:
> That is not a good summary of who the plugin is for or how it will help
> them

Sorry to misrepresent it, but it has previously been framed as "breaking bad 
habits", which is a little different from helping people comply with 
organisational policy.


> We also need to go beyond technology: remind people that they don't need
> any of these things (whether proprietary or free) to live their lives.
> The human race evolved for millions of years without smartphone apps.

True enough. I don't even have a smartphone. And when I inevitably get one, I 
imagine that I will only use it beyond traditional phone activities for things 
like navigation: something which migrated into the phone device profile as 
such devices became able to successfully integrate such functions.

> When I tell people I don't have any social media accounts and I'm happy
> about it, they feel more enthusiastic too.  But if I tell them that I
> don't have facebook and then they were to see me on Twitter then the
> message would be undermined.

Here, I agree. Which is why the "delete Facebook" bandwagon employing a 
hashtag seems arbitrary if not hypocritical. I also wonder why Mozilla were 
even advertising on Facebook, but that is not relevant to this particular 
thread of discussion.


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