Constructive measures to help people communicate freely

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Mon Mar 26 09:12:15 UTC 2018

Paul Boddie <paul at> ha scritto:

> [...]
> With such considerations in mind, does anyone else think that the topic of
> genuinely free communication might be worthy of a comprehensive campaign? One
> that would focus on solutions and not problems.

I'm too ignorant to seriously evaluate whether a campaign would be  
worth, so I'm not going to push my point too much. "Free  
communication" looks to me more like a personal topic, while "entities  
needlessly advertising proprietary [pdf] software" looks to me more  
like an institutional topic, worth of a public campaign. My view is  
that most people won't change their mind about personal communications  
because of a campaign. What might convince them is a talk from someone  
they trust AND a viable solution. Something which is more or less  
working for me is helping people install F-Droid, Conversations and  
Riot. The recurring issues, after helping them register and connect  
with me, are android battery saving killing the app and notifications  
not working on riot-ios.
I've been trying Movim, Dandelion and Tusky for a week, and I'd only  
recommend Tusky, unless one is willing to deal with a platform in  

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