Mozilla: "We’re taking a break from Facebook"

Adonay Felipe Nogueira adfeno at
Fri Mar 23 15:29:06 UTC 2018

> The FSFE is also present on LinkedIn, as far as I remember, and I regard that 
> service in a similarly negative way, in the sense that it is effectively a 
> data-mining exercise for some division of Microsoft.

Speaking of LinkedIn, I noticed that it doesn't federate also.

Morever, some months ago I saw somewhere that ActivityPub could also be
used to function like a federated job employement network, so I assume
that if this would be true, people who use an ActivityPub account could
also apply to the job positions posted through ActivityPub.

Personally, I tend to avoid registering at thousands of websites, I like
to do some exercise by walking or running to the job employement centers
that the government maintains --- because these already have my
"registry" anyways, my "worker card" --- or those in which I don't have
to touch a web form nor an app in order to join the job opennings. In
all cases I am also OK if I have to send an email, but only if I can do
so using the standard email procedures, not some web form. It is true
however that the country were I live (Brazil) seens to be neglecting my
potential as a citizen who cares for the freedoms of the software that
the very end/novice user uses.

As Stallman once said, we don't have to go to the street make faces in
order to get a living, we can do other stuff not related to technology,
and this is also a thing I'm doing, I'm picking up any open position
which doesn't require prior experience.

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