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Fri Mar 23 13:40:58 UTC 2018

# Paul Boddie [2018-03-23 14:02 +0100]:
> Facebook to promote themselves, FSFE included, and this merely enables the 
> perpetrators of these misdeeds and crimes because it draws people in thinking 
> that they can (and should) do all their online business via such sites, and 
> that if the likes of FSFE use Facebook "then it can't be as bad as people 
> say".

You draw a too negative picture of the people who like us on Facebook I
think. We are incredibly inactive on this platform, and people who like
us there will already know us and be sensitive about FB usage. Mozilla
has a much larger and diverse audience and a more active presence on
Facebook I assume, and so their step makes much more sense.

That said, I think the only purpose the FSFE's FB page currently serves
is that 1. the name is taken to prevent hoaxers from imitating an
"official" page, and 2. for people to find us if they – for whatever
crazy reason – try to search us on this platform. Certainly, deleting
the page won't educate anyone on this platform therefore.

Facebook by no means is used as a primary or official communication
channel. If you take a look at the FSFE's presence on GnuSocial or
Diaspora you will see what our preferences are ;)


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