Mozilla: "We’re taking a break from Facebook"

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Fri Mar 23 12:57:52 UTC 2018

Jonke Suhr <suhrj at> ha scritto:

> [...]
> (Non-tracked link to the source:
> What do you guys think?

Nice move, I'd appreciate FSFE explicitely "pausing" its Facebook  
activity. At the same time the Diaspora and Quitter pages could be  
suggested as alternatives.
This "pause" might help some users in understanding that:
1) giving oneself's privacy away will probably deny privacy to one's friends;
2) everyone can be manipulated, one should apply some skepticism to  
stuff coming from "the internet"
3) there are better platforms out there.
Awareness of 1) and 2) can improve society.

Another free social platform is

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