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Le 21-06-2018 14:33, Erik Albers a écrit :
>    Now my questions:
>   * How can we oppose the argument that publicly financed software 
> released as
>    Free Software is anticompetitive?
>    * What can we bring up on the other hand in favor of publishing as 
> Free
>    Software from a competitive point of view?
>    (except the usual non-dependencies)

They are asking to assure that people pay multiple times for the same 
This is not a question of competition but of getting a rent on something
you have already being paid to do. And yes whenever a publicly financed 
is released, it breaks some sort of undue windfall economy. It is not a 
it is a feature.

The anticompetitiveness is the fact that proprietary software does not 
allow all
IT company to compete for providing support or new features.
This is what Free Software assures.
It is thus the opposite of anticompetitive.


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