Input on anticompetitive characteristic of public code

Stephane Ascoet stephane.ascoet at
Thu Jun 21 13:23:55 UTC 2018

Le 21/06/2018 à 14:33, Erik Albers a écrit :
> * How can we oppose the argument that publicly financed software released as
> Free Software is anticompetitive?

Hi, I prefer a colaborative world to a competive one. At some point, 
defending alternatives such as free software in such a sucking society 
needs too much(for me) compromising and work...

It's like when I was working in a public cyberespace, I couldn't claim I 
too much I was teaching things to people because it would have been 
unfair with enterprises...

Good luck for you and all of those who still think that things can 
change without a major collapse
Sincerely, Stephane Ascoet

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