Public Money Public Code: a good policy for FSFE and other non-profits?

Max Mehl max.mehl at
Fri Jun 15 13:00:35 UTC 2018

# Nikos Roussos [2018-06-15 14:26 +0200]:
>> So this actually answers a question I asked in the beginning: "Is it
>> because admitting such dependencies is embarrassing?" Of course it
>> would be regrettable if people were to make an issue of it, but there
>> are also the matters of recognising any such problem and striving to
>> do something about it.
> Or maybe because there are no such dependencies. Since most people
> seem to agree that it doesn't make sense to list things like Printer
> firmware as dependencies, I haven't yet read any concrete example of
> proprietary software dependency within FSFE.

Good observation! Some people seem to be very motivated to compile such
a list, and I don't see an issue with them starting to draft its scope
and collect userspace software inside our organisation which is
proprietary. Many FSFE projects have its roots in some people beginning
with something, other people picking up the efforts and so forth, and
this list could be such an activity – even if it's empty in the end.

What I don't like is demanding from other – mainly volunteers in their
teams – to create such a list without having a clear idea what this
would encompass and whether it would actually contain any tangible
results, and without making the first step.


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