the questions you really want FSFE to answer

Florian Snow floriansnow at
Fri Jun 15 05:15:41 UTC 2018

Hi Daniel,

Daniel Pocock <daniel at> writes:
> While some people don't care about elections or proper membership,

Disagreement with a specific implementation of an idea does not mean not
caring about that idea.

> other people do care about it so much that they stopped contributing

Perhaps I missed that and then I apologize, but did you bring that up to
the GA with specific examples?

> The constructive thing to do is get more people involved in the
> discussion about what comes next rather than using a reference to the
> CoC to censor how people discuss it.

A call to order is also a normal part of democracy because it keeps the
discussion civil.  No one censured you; we are simply asking you to
refrain from attacks and insults.

Happy hacking!

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