the questions you really want FSFE to answer

Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Thu Jun 14 21:48:33 UTC 2018

I try to post no more than once a day, for several reasons, but this is

> Some people may have chosen not to attend the meeting so that it
> wouldn't achieve quorum.

Such people may be polite enough to state that clearly in advance,
since they were well aware the council were trying to find a suitable
date for them.

The date (May 26th) was chosen in order to allow you, Daniel, to attend.
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> In my case, I actually went out to Albania and Kosovo for free software
> events[1]

The event, OSCAL, was on the previous weekend. You did not state that
you would stay in the area one week more, until after the date was

There is no need to argue on these details in public. But I can't
accept that you paint reality your way in order to play the
mistreated and destroy trust within our community.

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