Public Money Public Code: a good policy for FSFE and other, non-profits?

Max Mehl max.mehl at
Thu Jun 14 08:58:42 UTC 2018

First of all, I fully accept your position although I don't agree to it
and its reasoning.

# Mat Witts [2018-06-14 10:35 +0200]:
> For me, I think until the FSFE abandons what seems to me to resemble a 
> kind of 'watered-down' market-led ideology at the highest level and 
> fully adopts a more appropriate political philosophy and (as 
> importantly), culture - I predict many years of in-fighting, confusion, 
> missed opportunities and personal hurt ahead for all involved at that 
> level of organization?

I think the FSFE doesn't have *one* ideology. We are an organisation
with as many ideologies as people being part of it. And isn't this the
great thing about Free Software? It has benefits for so many areas and
political standpoints, from philosophical, political, ethical,
commercial, environmental, educational and many more points of views.
But it all comes down to the four freedoms!

It's completely natural that in an NGO with so many people involved and
our long history, we have disagreement when it comes to our position on
certain issues, e.g. the evaluation of the current economical system and
how certain tech companies behave. But that's OK, and the bandwidth of
our activities and campaigns represents this diversity.

Forcing everyone to agree on the one and only ideology would surely
create more fights and demotivation. If you feel that another
organisation (who I guarantee to have similar internal conflicts :P) fit
your standpoint better, please support them. But I think to know even
more people who value the diversity and tolerance of viewpoints the FSFE


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