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Michael Kesper mkesper at
Tue Jul 10 18:56:18 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Am Dienstag, den 10.07.2018, 15:21 +0200 schrieb Florian Snow:
> Am 10. Juli 2018 09:19:27 MESZ schrieb Michael Kesper <mkesper at fsfe.o
> rg>:
> > If you make your last will with a (for you, at least) substantial
> > amount of money I bet you know who you want to support EXACTLY.
> I would like to add something here: I take the "you" in this sentence
> as an impersonal "you". That means I understand it as " If somebody
> makes their last will with a (for that person, at least) substantial
> amount of money I bet they know who they want to support EXACTLY."
> The impersonal use of "you" is very common in English.

Yes, that's how I meant it.
Anyway, I probably should have not sent that email and will refrain
from further commenting on this thread.
Sorry if I offended anyone.

Best wishes
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