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Federico klez Culloca klez at
Wed Jan 31 22:45:56 UTC 2018

Sorry, I'm rather new here.

What does any of this entail?

Do you have any link to documentation explaining what you're talking about? Can fellows (or whatever we are called now) become voting members? Or is there any other requirement? Or is this open to anyone?

Thank you

Il 31 gennaio 2018 23:39:58 CET, "Cornelia S." <cornelia.sulzbach at> ha scritto:
>I have learnt the FSFE is abolishing their community representatives in
>their board (remember the Linux Foundation?????)
>You should apply to become voting member of the FSFE, to change this.
>All you need an e-mail to mk at and say that you apply.
>Please do it now! Copy me/list if you have done it, so we see who
>applies. I wil apply after FOSDEM.

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