Libre Parcel/Post Courier Comparison Services?

Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross maillist_fsfe at
Mon Jan 29 00:50:03 UTC 2018

UK or Europe or Worldwide?

For comparing courier/post service pricing, ordering, dispatching,
parcel management for bizs or individuals, etc?

Any free software services for these fictions? Like a website that uses
and supports free software or that are made available as free software
(ie, a app, api, etc)?

or which courier is most free software friendly? ie libre apps, api’s,
least crappy website that needs some non-free crap to work?

that take crypto curreny?

I know of which take bitcoin but there expensive for a
lot of parcels (but maybe not so bad for huge parcels?).

Compared to which is cheaper for the parcels i
send but they use microsoft server :(

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