impact of Gmail's "promotions" tab on free software communities

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Thu Jan 25 13:36:18 UTC 2018

On 25/01/18 13:38, Mat Witts wrote:
> It doesn't seem to me to be a great strategy to single out gmail when
> Microsoft's hotmail/live/outlook mailservers regularly fail to notify
> recipients that they have not delivered mail under the rule that
> 'Deliverability to is based on your reputation'. Mailserver
> admins are then encouraged to sign up for a microsoft account to help
> microsoft generate up to date metrics on mailservers. I am sure other
> major proprietary systems take similar 'closed-world' assumptions about
> transporting email?

It is interesting that you raise the hotmail example

There are several cases where people told me this particularly bad
behaviour, together with some specific example of how it impacted them,
was enough to make them give up on hotmail but in each case they had
migrated to gmail.



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