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Hi Daniel,

* Daniel Pocock [2018-01-22 10:20:35 +0100]:

>There are government grants in Ireland for heating controls, I put more
>details on my blog[1].

I read you blog post and the Heating Controls Grant page

good luck for your grant!

>Is anybody aware of technology for this purpose that is running free
>software and interfaces with free/open standards?

ouch! standards in home automation... good luck :-S

I'm definitely not an expert in this matter but I'm hacking since 2016 in my
spare time

home automation systems are composed by a controller and a set of
sensors/actuators, I want a _full_stack_free_sofware_ solution in my home,
including actuators and sensors

an interesting source of info is, see for an introduction on the

unfortunately many actuators/sensors comes with proprietary software
installed and no way to replace it with a free one is one of the major free software home automation
controllers and is able to interface to **a lot** of components (sensors and
actuators) on the market:, climate

one of the components is the Generic Thermostat
you could use to tunr on/off your zone heating system based on the
temperature reported from a sensor from the same zone... this obviously
works only if you have one heating system for each zone (rare case, I guess)

in my home (Italy) I have a central heating system and each radiator is
controlled by a manual valve, I'm still searching a way to interface a
controller (i.e. home-assistant) whith **free software** remotely controlled
radiator valves; this is an example of the current results:

>Can this be achieved using a custom solution with Raspberry Pi or
>similar devices running free software?

the problem is the "devices" (aka actuators, like radiator valves for
example) part of the infrastructure: I'm not aware of a free software
operated one



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