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Jonas Oberg jonas at
Fri Jan 19 12:30:09 UTC 2018

Hi Carsten,

> I believe it makes a difference if the software is running on my computer or
> not.

Can you elaborate on how that difference affect your freedom? From my
perspective, you would neither gain nor lose freedom if the software runs
on your computer or on a remote server. Where it runs feels completely
arbitrary in respect to the freedom it offers.

And to follow up, since I can anticipate one answer :-), you can decide
what runs or what does not run on your computer. No one is forcing you to
run priorietary JavaScript from Google or Facebook. You just need to stop
using those services. When you accept to use a service, you also, implicitly
agree to the conditions by which that service is offered.

We can disagree with those conditions (and I do), but even if those conditions
where not present, it would not affect my freedom (which is none, for those


Jonas Öberg
Executive Director

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