breaking bad habits like Doodle and Facebook with, plugins?

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Je 2018-01-18 10:30:47, Mat Witts <admin at> skribis:
> This type of complaint in the context of software is that an
> individuals or corporate's right to develop proprietary software is
> being 'drowned out' or 'silenced' by all this talk of software
> freedom.
> The argument is advanced by showing how exposure to free software
> either by blocking non-free, not providing non-free alternatives
> actually goes against the free exercise of computers users freedom to
> use proprietary software through denigrating it either from technical,
> moral, political, social, economic or philosophical perspectives.
> It seems timely to issue a reminder that all computer users must be
> allowed to opt out of Free Software too, to avoid the charge of
> contradiction or hypocrisy?
> Making Free Software mandatory for all and to victimize users who
> refuse to participate in Free Software is not only contradictory but
> will only marginalize users we are trying to educate.

I don't find this argument very strong at all.  What about a man's
rights to hold slaves?  What about a man's rights to sell oneself into
slavery?  I am aware that the comparison isn't 100% apt, but it relies
on the same core argument: People having the right to deny others rights
and freedoms, and people having the right to waive their rights and

If you start treating rights and freedoms as something that can be
negotiated individually, the "powerful" will misuse this to transfer the
rights of the "weak" over to them.

I'm a staunch individualist, but the individual right to opt out of
freedom is not one that I can comprehend or support.


Carmen Bianca Bakker
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