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Hello there!

> On 16. Jan 2018, at 13:57, Max Mehl <max.mehl at> wrote:
> # Daniel Pocock [2018-01-16 13:43 +0100]:
>>> Discourse is somewhat overwork as we would have to patch various parts
>>> of it to either remove JS or free/libreate it.
>> Would packaging the Discourse JavaScript into Debian satisfy those concerns?
>> Is there enough interest in this topic to start building a wiki page
>> about it?
> I want to highlight that some volunteers are already experimenting with
> a Discourse instance for FSFE, mainly Nikos IIRC (in Cc). Please join
> them if you want to support them in their work.
> <>

+1 for investigating Discourse. It was reviewed at the recent community meeting in Berlin and excitement was great. I agree with Daniel's concerns, and feel that the way Discourse works can help allay them. Especially the bridging of the traditional mailing list mode with a forum web interface can help making our discussions accessible to a wider range of people. The client-side Javascript to me is not a relevant issue anymore since JS is an open standard and browsers are sandboxed these days.


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