breaking bad habits like Doodle and Facebook with plugins?

bruno at bruno at
Wed Jan 17 11:16:47 UTC 2018

Daniel Pocock <daniel at> ha scritto:

> [...]
> One thing that comes to mind: are there browser plugins and Thunderbird
> email plugins that can help people avoid visiting or linking to things
> like Facebook, Meetup, Twitter and Doodle?
> [...]

Yes, there are.
The user can select how, what and when to block (always or only on  
some times/days).
How: the user must wait ## seconds before being shown the blocked  
site, or the user will get blocked after ## seconds of viewing the  
site, or the user will be completely forbidden from viewing the site.
As with all habits/addictions, there cannot be a silver bullet, but I  
suppose this tool can help.

-- ~ printf "%X\n" 44203

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