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Adonay Felipe Nogueira adfeno at
Mon Jan 15 19:45:34 UTC 2018

What about upgrading to new Mailman version?

If I recall correctly, it has forum-like functions and keeps the mailing
list functions too.

Discourse is somewhat overwork as we would have to patch various parts
of it to either remove JS or free/libreate it.

Also, see [1].

[1] <>

2018-01-14T00:49:54+0100 Daniel Pocock wrote:
> One issue arising out of the Swisslinux/GULL situation is the question
> of communication tools.
> Swisslinux has been operating with a forum while GULL was using a
> mailing list.  Representatives from both groups are now talking about
> how to join forces and merge these communities.
> I've also observed questions like this raised within FSFE, we currently
> have a lot of mailing lists but there are some people who want to try
> something like Discourse.
> Both technologies have benefits and disadvantages.
> One idea I've put forward at RHL'18 today is that it may be useful to
> have a series of events over the next 12 months, maybe piggy-backed on
> bigger events, to discuss the way organizations choose their
> communications tools.
> One of the big questions is for organizations to define their goals.  If
> their goals are clear then the choice of tool may be easier and even
> obvious.  Choosing a tool because it is popular or because it is the
> only thing the sysadmin is willing to support doesn't always result in
> the best choice for achieving goals.
> Would the FSFE community be interested in collaborating on an event or
> process to study these questions?
> Regards,
> Daniel
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