Adonay Felipe Nogueira adfeno at hyperbola.info
Fri Jan 12 11:13:51 UTC 2018

Yet again we see this confusion... FSF also receives donations from
Google. I don't know about the organizational status of FSFE, but in the
case of FSF: it's *impossible* for a 501(c)(3) charity organization like
the FSF to continue working if they ever decide to favor every action or
product of a specific person/organization even in cases where such
aren't in favor with their goals. In contrast, donations from
for-profits are what makes most of the income for most organizations (I
don't know about the FSF, but I think that in their "About" pages you
can see references about such subjects).

My suggestion: investigate the status of FSFE and the detailed
requirements *both* for organizations that act as donors and for the
receiving organization.

2018-01-12T10:25:16+0100 Werner Koch wrote:
> majestyx wrote:
>   Am dritten Tag folgte dann leider ein sehr einschneidendes
>   Erlebnis. Der FSFE Mitarbeiter (mit Endgegner Shirt) wollte mir den
>   Zugang zum FSFE Stand verwehren mit der Aussage ich würde quasi über
>   den FSFE Tisch hinweg Negativ-Werbung machen. Ich fragte ihn nach dem
>   Beweis, den blieb er schuldig und versteifte sich darauf bei seiner
>   Behauptung zu bleiben, um mich dann des FSFE Standes zu verweisen.
> Content: A FSFE staffer rejected him access to the FSFE booth where he
> used to help out as a volunteer.  The given reason was that majestyx was
> engaged in negative advertising on the FSFE from behind the booth.  He
> asked for evidence but the FSFE staffer was not able to present it.
> That FSFE staffer (Erik) explained on the members only list:
>   one of our supporters was acting like a wolf in sheep's
>   clothing. While he was on one hand behind the booth to sell
>   merchandise, he on the other hand spread self-made print-outs about
>   "#fuckgooglefsfe" to criticise that FSFE accepts donations by
>   google. (the print-outs were fortunately so bad and cryptic I doubt
>   someone could understand what they are saying)
>   Despite him insisting on his freedom of opinion, I forbid that person
>   to spread these print-outs around the booth.
> The background seems to be a discussion on the German list (and maybe on
> some Berlin meetings) on whether it is acceptable that the FSFE takes
> donations from Google.  In the aftermath of this one Berlin based member
> canceled their membership which triggered a discussion on the members
> only list.
> I have not seen these handouts but I assume the text was in line with
> his arguments expressed over several weeks on the German lists.  Erik's
> reaction to ban him from *behind* the booth is fully acceptable to me
> and I would have done the same.  Diverting opinions are for sure welcome
> but they should not be presented in a way which let bystanders assume
> that this (self-)critique is an official position of the FSFE.
> Shalom-Salam,
>    Werner

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